Kirk’s Promise

Kirk Brandon, a wealthy rancher from Alberta, has fallen in love with his family’s heroine, who risked her life to save them from a horrific vehicle accident. Kirk has no children of his own, however, he had promised his best friend and brother-in-law, who was killed by a rogue horse, that he would help raise his two children and become their father figure.

Melanie O’Day, a grade one teacher, comes from an overly protective family and is searching for independence. She has fallen in love with Kirk Brandon, but questions if she’s jumping from one kind of protection to another? When his niece from the accident calls him daddy, she backs away. She loves children, but before she gets too involved, she needs to find her own independence.

Kirk convinces Melanie to come out west with him. At the ranch, Melanie learns that Kirk has purchased a horse from the same bloodline that had killed his friend, making his sister a widow. Melanie questions what’s more dangerous, facing a rogue horse, or dealing with Kirk and her emotions?