Lost & Found

Can Doctor Sean Maguire forgive himself for his daughter’s death? Can he go back and work at the hospital? Sean’s leave of absence is almost up when a storm hits close to his cabin in the Rocky Mountains. When the clouds disappear, he goes to his daughter’s favorite daisy patch, while his shepherd finds an injured woman near by. He doesn’t need complications, but this beautiful woman needs tending to and a name. He promises, Annie he’d take care of her. Annie may have lost her memory, but knows that this tall, dark haired, handsome doctor, loves the outdoors, and is a man of his word. His gentle hands and compassion has her thinking of true love. Sean invites her into his home in Calgary then finds her family and friends. Annie learns she is a teacher and her name is Alaina Franklin. She is shocked, to find out she is engaged, yet has fallen in love with Sean. Sean questions if he can love again after what he has done. Will Annie forgive him for his past and can they both find love with the secrets they keep from each other?