Mind Traffic

This short story is about how time passes. From youth to the golden years.  From the early informative years to beyond retirement. The older you get the more you learn. The more you learn the more you need to remember. Your brain never quits buzzing.  That’s – Mind Traffic.


A Little Bit About the Author:

Shaa Dickson usually writes romance stories. For a change, she wrote a fun, yet heartfelt true to life short story about – Mind Traffic, which was told by her work partner Jim Wilson. She hopes you will enjoy this fun read. On her spare time, she enjoys sitting by a campfire with her husband Bill, and their grown children and their pet, Lacey.

A Little Bit About the Storyteller:

Jim Wilson is a self-professed Northern Ontario Redneck. He lives on a small hobby farm with his wife, Irene, and together, they raise kids, dogs, chickens and turkeys.