Strong Will Tender Heart

A strong-willed woman reveals her tender heart in this heartwarming romance.

Faith MacKenzie can’t believe her grandfather has placed unreasonable conditions in his will, requiring her to wait one year before receiving her inheritance. The stipulation leaves the ranch in a bind, forcing a horse trainer to sacrifice her own well-being in order to maintain ranch operations. Faith’s beloved uncle suggests there’s another way, hinting that a single-handed approach hinders a positive resolution. Despite his advice, she manages the ranch on her own terms, turning down help from everyone, including a handsome rancher.

Cole Chandler returns home after trucking across Canada. He learns about Faith’s situation and tries to help, but her prickly attitude causes him endless frustration. He isn’t the type of man to give up when his heart is involved, therefore finds clever ways to offer assistance. When this beautiful woman uncovers the truth, will he be forgiven?

Faith realizes she's pushing everyone she cares about away, including Cole. Can she let go of her strong will in order to reveal her tender heart, before she loses the love of her life?