Love Trails to Aurora

Book Cover: Love Trails to Aurora
Part of the Cabin Country series:

Rayna Bailey flees to cabin country to escape an aggressive ex-boyfriend. She’s not ready for a new relationship, so forming a heartwarming connection with childhood friend and country neighbor, James Conner, confuses already bruised emotions. When winter arrives and she falls off the dock into freezing water, his lifesaving measure encourages a change of heart toward this city-dwelling architect.Attracted to Rayna, James Conner hires her as his Administrative Assistant, never suspecting he’ll need to save her again. He faces his own challenges trying to locate the person responsible for his sister’s murder. Unknown to him, the menace stalking the woman he loves, could be the clue to solving his own mystery.

Can James and Rayna face their traumatic pasts and find true love? Walking the love trails of Aurora may help them find their happily ever after.