Magic of Aurora

Carla May Mills can’t remember who Paul Davis is.

Paul wants to know why his fiancé left him three days before their wedding. When he finds Carla, he’s surprised she’s pregnant, has a scar on her temple, and is still wearing the engagement ring he gave her. And who is this family that has his bride? He doesn’t trust them.

Carla Mills doesn’t remember her past or this man who claims to be the love of her life. With Paul divulging stories about her past, she begins to lose faith in the family who has been caring for her since the accident that wiped away her memories.

After finding her car with a bullet hole in the windshield on the family’s farm, Paul takes action to protect her by taking her to his cabin in Aurora.

Amnesia might have pulled them apart, but can the magic of Aurora bring Paul and Carla back together?